The second and most advanced dAPP of Moonalyse. Vaulting describes a price stabilizing mechanism based on Binance Smart Chain Contracts. Investors can vault their token with different products and different APYs. Tokens will be sent to a contract wallet vault, rewards are added every 5 min. Token and rewards can be clamed as soon as the vault unlocks.

Token Fair Launch coming!

Higher Lock Timer = Higher APY = High Reward

100.000 Tokens vaulted with APY of 125.000% with “SILVER” for 1 Month

100.000 x 125.000% / 12 = 10.416% = 10.400.000 Tokens (10.300.000 Rewards)

100.000 x 125.000% / 12 = 10.416% = 10.400.000 Tokens (10.300.000 Rewards)

Investors are attracted by getting even more rewards then their initial quantity. Due to the hyper deflationary contract the rewards are well balanced with our taxes. To stabilize the price even after releasing rewards.

How do I join?

Visit the Vaulting Product Page, select the prefered APY and duration, connect your wallet, metamask or trust wallet, vault your token.

How do I get free token?

1000 free Token per Referral! Create Account, open “Rewards”, share your personal referral link!

How to claim token?

Once the time lock of the vault wallet unlocks, the tokens including the rewards can be claimed.

Is this safe?
Yes, you can check our audited contract, your vaulted token in the blockchain and via dAPP.

Thank you for joining this amazing community.
CEO of Moonalyse