Extrem High Rewards and APYs

$MOONA was specificly created to reward HODLers. 10% of all transactions will be rewarded you, automatically. (No running needed!). Moreelse Vaults offer up to 6.000% fixed APYs. Rewards can also be earned by playing or referral!.

Referral Reward Program

To grow our community faster, 4% tax will be rewarded in form of referral program! Earn 500 $MOONA for your sign up - and 1000 free $MOONA Token for every single referral..

Project Analysis

free for your Investments - Predictions, Hodler, Price, Transactions, Contract and more. We save, store and analyse transaction blockchain data. Real time analysis and storage of your individual watchlist projects. We keep track what you forget!

Moonalyse Dashboard

Customised Dashboard for your need. Vaults, Rewards, Token, Durations - Everything!

Moonalyse Roadmap

Establish Moonalyse

2021 - Jan 2022

- Moonalyse was licensed and registered 2021. Development testing and working on dashboards internal. First Releases. Token Contract Finished. Team split in Marketing, Development, Financial. Marketing Phase 1 started.

Public Release & Launch

Jan 2022 - Now

- Read for launch! Pinksale Fair Launch started! High Yield APY Vaults contracts created, tested and public released. Limited to community use. Auto Rewards to Hodler Wallet. Hyper Deflationary Contract finished. Pinksale Fairlaunch started. Marketing Phase 2.

Future Releases

- We will constantly improve our services and dashboards. Future Releases will include a Trading Dashboard for BSC, POLY, SOLANA - Low Fee Swap - FPV Games - More Reward Projects

Join us!

- We created a Fair Launch on Pinksale!
- Launch our dAPP and earn Rewards
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